The Barnyard is located in the Fischer Crossroads community of Lookout Mountain. It is on the Lookout Mountain Parkway approximately 3 miles south of the Desoto State Park headquarters.
Junkosaurus Wrecks
Once mighty dinosaurs roamed our planet.
They vanished back to the earth from whence they came.
Then came the industrial revolution.
Man took the earth and made things, lots of things.
He made gadgets, do-dads, giz-mos, thing-a-magiggers,
hicky-doogers, and doom-fletchys.
They wore out. They were thrown away.
This gave rise to Junkosaurus Wrecks.
For all ages and we love hikers, bikers, & campers.
Schedule senior citizen group visits.
Schedule school field trips for week days.
Call and reserved the building for reunions, weddings, birthday parties, poetry reading, and other special events.
Click Here for photos from within the Barnyard fence.
The one and only Lirpa-Anad-Nitsud!!
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About Junkosaurus Wrecks
  • Built over a period of 10 years (actual hours about sixteen 40 hour work week).
  • Junkosaurus Wrecks stands 21 feet tall and spans 35 feet from its nose to the tip of its tail
  • Was built using thousands of nuts, bolts, washers, and wire.
  • Weighing approximately 1 1/2 tons, Junkosaurs Wrecks is comprised of more than 2000 discarded items (commonly referred to as junk). For example one item could be as small as a spark plug or as large as an entire lawn mower.
  • Other examples of Junkosaurus Wreck's content are lawn & garden tools, shop tools, automotive parts, personal care items, toys, buckets, cell phones, and many, many other items.

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